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NAHRO STATEMENT: Proposed FY 2017 HUD Budget

While positive in many ways, the Administration’s 2017 budget request still falls short due to larger budget constraints, despite increased dollars proposed for the homeless which are badly needed and which NAHRO supports.  While we recognize the ongoing need to continue the effort to get the nation’s fiscal house in order, we believe that providing a decent and affordable home in a neighborhood of quality for every American family is fundamental to who we are as a nation.   NAHRO believes that the bipartisan effort to pass long-overdue housing reforms in HR 3700 by a House vote of 427-0 should also embolden the Congress, in a bipartisan manner, to provide a responsible level of funding for housing and community development programs in FY 2017.  The need for these funds is well-documented; they will help many more low- and very-low-income families who need a safe, decent place to call home now!

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House to Consider Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act Tomorrow

The House Rules Committee just approved the rules for bringing the Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act (HOTMA, HR 3700) to the floor this week. The bill is expected to be considered tomorrow, not later in the week as we previously reported.

The House is scheduled to convene at noon tomorrow and will first discuss a measure on Iran sanctions and an override of the President’s veto of a bill to repeal provisions of the Affordable Care Act before turning to HOTMA, likely later in the afternoon.

As of right now, 25 amendments have been posted, including six that were submitted after the deadline this morning. Full Financial Services Committee Ranking Member Maxine Waters (D-Cali.) submitted an amendment similar to one rejected in the full committee mark-up that would “remove harmful language that would limit the amount that families receiving certain federal housing assistance can deduct from their income for childcare expenses.” It appears there is bipartisan support for the amendment.

Other amendments proposed include several that are similar to ones introduced during the appropriations process, including an amendment from Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) that would “cause the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule…to have no force or effect.” It is unlikely many of these amendments will either be ruled germane or approved.

NAHRO has signed two letters in support of the passage of HOTMA- one letter signed by a broad array of housing stakeholders and another by industry partners PHADA and CLPHA (link coming soon).

HOTMA is expected to pass the House. Follow @NAHROnational for the latest information as HOTMA is debated on the House floor.

The Road Ahead

Having passed a gigantic omnibus spending bill only a few weeks ago, it is a little hard to jump-start a conversation about what to expect in CY 2016, but such are the ways of Washington these days.  This in no way is meant to trivialize the accomplishment of passing the omnibus.  After all, there were a number of very positive provisions in the omnibus, not the least of those being the expansion of Moving to Work (MtW), but the fact remains that the FY 2016 spending blueprint expected on October 1 was only released, approved and signed by the President before Congress left for the holidays.

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THUD Moving to House Floor- Veto Threat, Bigger Spending Fight Looms

The House will begin consideration of its FY 2016 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) spending bill today.  Notwithstanding the cuts and obvious problems with the THUD bill, NAHRO is keeping its focus on a larger conversation about the irresponsibly low spending cap that is likely to derail the entire budget and appropriations process. Ultimately, the goal is to get another deal to raise spending caps like the Murray-Ryan deal that was reached in 2013.  We are maintaining our messaging to fit that strategy.

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House Approves Spending Bill, Two Day CR

After a tense day in Washington and a narrowly-passed procedural vote, the House approved by 219-206 a $1.13 trillion spending deal that includes funding for the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) bill. The vote came late on Thursday night, just hours before a government shutdown was to be triggered. The bill, along with a two-day continuing resolution, now goes to the Senate, which is expected to vote on the measure soon.

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