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Take Action Today: Call Your Legislators

We need all NAHRO members to call Congress  today, Tuesday, November 18, to ask lawmakers to push for an FY 2015 full-year omnibus spending package that funds the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (T-HUD) spending bill at Senate levels.

To participate, visit NAHRO’s Advocacy Action Center for step-by-step instructions on how to contact your member of Congress and talking points.

Or, follow these simple directions:

  • To find your Representative’s number, go to
  • To find your Senators’ numbers, go to
  • Ask to speak to the Legislative Assistant who handles appropriations.
  • Identify yourself, your organization, and your location.
  • Let him/her know that your organization depends on the certainty of full-year funding and that the House’s FY 2015 T-HUD bill does not provide adequate funding for programs upon which your community relies. Ask that your legislator to push for an omnibus spending package that funds T-HUD at Senate levels.
  • Thank the staff person for their consideration and time.

Once you’ve called your three legislators, email Tess Hembree ( to let her know how your conversations went.

Don’t forget – tomorrow is the omnibus write-in day. Visit the NAHRO’s Advocacy Action Center to send pre-drafted letters to your members of Congress.

Thank you so much for your participation. Without your support for an omnibus that includes T-HUD, it’s possible that FY 2015 may be funded entirely by continuing resolution.

Laurel Housing Authority, Housing Authority of Covington, and Norwood Housing Authority: Improving the quality of life for all

postercontest_Laurel HA  Public housing authorities are often thought of as mere housing providers, when in reality they do so much more. Today, we’re proud to feature the great work of three NAHRO members: Laurel Housing Authority (Miss.), Housing Authority of Covington (Ky.), and Norwood (Mass.) Housing Authority.

This year, the Laurel Housing Authority (LHA) provided free Spanish lessons to the public; launched a summer feeding program that provided food for more than 11,000 youth in the community; conducted a disaster preparedness class in conjunction with the America Red Cross; and hosted its 19th annual Spring Break Youth Basketball Tournament. LHA staff also collaborated with a local church to plan its annual Spring Activity Day for Summer Feeding Program_Laurel HAyouth; celebrated Senior Citizen Day to recognize the engaged and vibrant seniors living at LHA; partnered with a local AIDS coalition group on an AIDS awareness education initiative; and encouraged artistic development in youth by participating in Housing America’s What Home Means to Me poster contest.

For the Housing Authority of Covington (Ky.), 2014 has been a very busy year. The housing authority has spent much of its time investing in opportunities for residents that promote healthy and self-sufficient lives. These include a two-part work readiness class called Get Learning and Start Succeeding (GLASS) and GLASS Transitional Work Opportunities (GTWO); quarterly on-site hiring events featuring companies like Speedway, covington ha 2Amazon and Avon; a monthly ‘Ride n Apply’ no-cost transportation program for residents interested in applying for a job; a Dress for Success program, which helps prepare women for job interviews by providing with them with professional clothing and mock interview practice; computer classes; National Career Readiness Certification (NCRC); and GED study and testing support. The housing authority also sponsored: a family day cookout in collaboration with the National Fatherhood institute; summer camps for youth ages 6-13 and youth ages 16-20; a cardiovascular heart health education workshop sponsored by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute; a WIA CAREER Steps and Ignition program for 14-18 year olds; a free community health clinic in partnership with Northern Kentucky University and the Nurse Advocacy Center for the Underserved; a back-to-school resource fair in August for both children and adults looking to continue their education; a Christmas toy drive; and a meal program for Covington HAseniors and person with disabilities. Finally, the housing authority implemented a smoke-free housing policy in July and offered cessation support for residents, completed the first round of move-ins in September for its HOPE VI Revitalization project and opened its Housing Choice Voucher waitlist.

At the Norwood Housing Authority (Mass.), a community garden at the Maguire Senior Housing Development was once a vibrant social outlet for senior residents, but a challenging landscape made gardening for seniors with disabilities difficult, and the garden soon went unattended. In 2013, NHA partnered with local organizations Together Yes and Norwood Evening Garden Club to revitalize an onsite greenhouse and relocate the community garden. Upon completion, the new community garden featured raised planting plots for those seniors restricted to a wheelchair. In 2014, the demand to participate in the garden project grew. To meet the demand, NHA added an additional 15 plots for residents. Today, the success of the community garden continues to grow. At the Maguire Senior Housing Development, senior residents are healthier and more social, and building bonds with residents and NHA staff that will last long into their golden years.

Norwood HA