Friday Night Wrap Up: January 8, 2016

Happy New Year and welcome to the second session of the 114th Congress! The House returned this week and quickly approved the controversial budget reconciliation plan that repeals the Affordable Care Act and defunds Planned Parenthood. The President quickly vetoed it this morning. The Senate returns to Washington next week the holiday recess.

Also next week is the President’s final State of the Union Address. Traditionally, the State of the Union kicks off the White House and Congress’s policy and budgetary work for the year, framing the goals and priorities of the President and setting overall messaging. While that while certainly will still be true this year, because it is President Obama’s final State of the Union Address, the speech is likely to focus more broadly on what he has accomplished in his presidency and set the tone for the legacy he hopes to leave. Additionally, the speech is also likely to include priorities for the President’s remaining year in office, which like other SOTU speeches should give us insight into the goals he’ll present in his FY 2017 budget proposal. (For the record, we got a whopping 25 days between the passage of the final FY 2016 budget and the beginning of the FY 2017 budget process. I hope you enjoyed it!).

Side note: the Office of Management and Budget announced this week that they will unveil the FY 2017 budget on Tuesday, February 9th, which is mostly on-time. Like always, we will provide detailed analyses of the proposal.

As in years past, we’re not overly optimistic that affordable or assisted housing will be a primary focus of the President’s speech. But, he has highlighted “social progress” and the “economy” as categories he’ll address, which does encompass housing, so we will be working during the speech and throughout the remainder of his presidency to connect the dots on housing and its impact on his broader goals.

To do that, we will be live-tweeting throughout the SOTU- follow along @NAHROnational and participate in the conversation by tagging us in your tweets and using #SOTU. I will also be tweeting through my personal Twitter account @tchembree- but please remember, my comments are my views alone and ARE NOT the views of NAHRO as an organization.

Have a great weekend and go Seahawks!

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