Help NAHRO Protect HUD Funding in FY 2015- Join Sign-On Letter

The FY 2015 budget process is beginning. Join NAHRO in the fight for increased HUD funding by signing your organization onto a stakeholders letter by March 12 to push for the highest possible funding levels for the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) appropriations bill. Visit NAHRO’s Advocacy Action Center to read the letter and sign-on today!

Each year after the President’s budget proposal is released, Congress begins their budget and appropriations process. This process starts with the House and the Senate each drafting their own budget resolution. Those two resolutions are then merged into a single bill – a concurrent budget resolution. The concurrent budget resolution sets the overall amount of money that will be spent in the federal budget in the upcoming fiscal year, known in Washington as a “302(a).” This overall spending level guides appropriators, who are responsible for setting spending levels for specific programs within the federal government.  This year, the 302(a) has already been set by the two-year budget deal approved by Congress in December 2013: the 302(a) for FY 2015 is $1.014 trillion, which is essentially level funding.

Once a 302(a) has been established, appropriators divide that funding between the 12 appropriations bills that make up the federal budget, known as a 302(b). The Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development bill (THUD) is the bill responsible for setting spending levels for all HUD programs.  A low 302(b) level for THUD translates into cuts to critical HUD programs.   

In order to secure the highest possible level of funding for HUD programs, NAHRO has joined together with a large and diverse group of stakeholders who are impacted by the THUD bill. This group has drafted a sign-on letter that reminds appropriators of the importance of programs funded by THUD and urges them to appropriate the highest possible funding level for THUD in FY 2015. This is the third year such a letter has been drafted; last year, more than 2,400 organizations from every state signed the letter and Senate Appropriations THUD Subcommittee Ranking Member Susan Collins (R-Maine) brought a copy of the letter with her to the Senate floor to argue for her bill. This year, we are hoping to get 3,000 signatures for this critical letter. Please sign your organization on to the letter today and distribute widely within your networks. Visit the NAHRO Advocacy Action Center to view the letter and sign your organization by March 12.


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